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    Building Materials

    Forester Building Materials is a dynamic and professional company which have been specialized in providing one-stop servious on various quality flooring for both Natural wood/Resilient, indoor/outdoor usage. Our experienced and dedicated sales team is committed to provide excellent client experiences with customerized solutions.We provide full technical support, including data sheets, specification guidelines, samples, installation instructions and other necessary information to clients. Our customized approach, instant feedback and uncompromising attention to detail are the components of our good service.


    We are the sales exclusive of famous international brand, Design Parquet(French hardwood flooring ) and Unikolegno(Italian hardwood flooring) are from Europe LG Hausys is from Korea and being as a global leading resilient floor brand.


    Today, we are a Hong Kong based company and have operation in Macau and PRC region.

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    Building Materials

    Forester Building Materials is a dynamic and professional company which have been specialized in providing one-stop servious on various quality flooring for both Natural wood/Resilient, indoor/outdoor usage. Our experienced and dedicated sales team is committed to provide excellent client experiences with customerized solutions.We provide full technical support, including data sheets, specification guidelines, samples, installation instructions and other necessary information to clients. Our customized approach, instant feedback and uncompromising attention to detail are the components of our good service. 


    We are the sales exclusive of famous international brand, Design Parquet(French hardwood flooring ) and Unikolegno(Italian hardwood flooring) are from Europe LG Hausys is from Korea and being as a global leading resilient floor brand.


    Today, we are a Hong Kong based company and have operation in Macau and PRC region.

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    Design Parquet


    What makes Design Parquet flooring apart from other timber products is the superior quality and structure. The hardwood layer on top can up to 5.5mm and width 295mm. It is exceptionally durable for any situations . With the natural coating, marvelous real wood texture is presented in this brand.


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    Established in 1929, Panaget is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe that offers the finest French-made high quality wood floors. Panaget wood flooring, made from genuine 100 % French Oak in France, using centuries-old techniques, offering the finest French craftsmanship and style.


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    To ensure the high quality typical of products made in Italy, Unikolegno have 100% made in Italy guarantees certification.
    Unikolegno is proud to create top quality Italian wood flooring, thanks to the outstanding skills and dedication of craftsmen who have the ability to produce refined finishes with painstaking care for every detail.

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    Hong Kong

    Creativity, production flexibility and customer service have always been the distinguishing features of Artigiano. The value of European quality with its wood flooring production was added. All the raw material is source from Europe, which makes the engineered floor planks become higher quality. And

    more resistant than solid wood planks to excessive expansion.

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    LG Hausys


    LG Hausys is one of the world’s largest resilient flooring manufacturers and has various product line-ups. Over 50 years, They have striven to meet the specific technology and design requirements for any project. The LG vinyl flooring can provide a wide range of features, such as Anti Bacteria, Durability, Non Phthalate. Some of the series can fulfill the LEED requirement,

    which is the most widely used green building rating system in the world.
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    We are proud to hold the exhibition of building materials in Macau these two years. During the exhibition, we met lots of the designers, well-known architects, developers, corporate and countless end users. We consider ourselves not just a trading firm but also a product consultant.  Our sales executives are all well-trained and are knowledgeable about the products. Hope we can bring you a excellent user experience.



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